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EHBC Competitions

The winning team for the 2015 Harding Cup. We narrowly failed to retain the Harding Cup in 2016, losing in the final by 2 shots.

EHBC Competition Winners 2017:

Club  Champion                          
                   Michael Paine               
Mens Champion                   Michael Paine
Ladies Champion                   Marilyn Murphy
Mens Pairs                   John Carr and Michael Paine
Ladies Pairs                   Julie Belbeck and Marilyn Murphy
Drawn Mixed Pairs                   Marilyn Murphy and Mike Gilbert
Arranged Mixed Pairs                   John Carr and Marilyn Murphy
Two Woods                   Michael Paine                                   
Wilton Trophy                   Ken Buller
Three Woods                   Sid Smith
Rogers Trophy                   Michael Paine                  
September Cup                   Michael Paine            

Club Champion                    Michael Paine
Men's Champion                    Michael Paine
Ladies's Champion
                    Marilyn Murphy
Men's Pairs                    John Carr and Roger Gardiner
Ladies Pairs                    Elaine Watson and Mary Coburn
Drawn Mixed Pairs                    Marilyn Murphy and Sid Smith
Arranged Mixed Pairs                    Elaine and Adrian Watson
Two Woods                    Adrian Watson
Rogers Trophy                    Michael Paine
September Cup                    Michael Paine