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Compared to many other bowls clubs and other sports our membership fees are highly competitive. Our Membership fees for 2016 are as follows:  

Full                        £120.00
Student                  £60.00 *
Junior                     £20.00 **
Social                    £20.00
Competition Fee     £3.00    ***
Joining Fee           There is no joining fee    

*     Students are defined as anyone 18 or over but still in full time education aged up to 25 years.
**   Junior is defined as under 18 years of age.
***  Per competition. 

We make no charge to join our club. The membership fee is inclusive. There are no match fees. Additional charges apply for tickets to the social and other special events.

Someone who has not been a member previously may join for a trial period of 2 months, but such period not to extend beyond 1st July, for £25. At the end of the taster period, the person may continue their membership for a further payment of £95