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Whether you are an experienced bowler or have never played bowls before why not join East Horsley Bowling Club? We actively welcome and support new members to reach their potential and aspirations whatever these may be.

If you have never played bowls before or are an inexperienced player we will support you by:

  • Providing bowls and shoes to help get you started
  • Providing coaching from one of our fully qualified club coaches
  • Giving you practise during our casual roll ups where you will receive further advice and encouragement
  • When you feel you are ready we encourage you to play in friendly matches and enter club competitions
  • Offering you the opportunity to purchase second hand bowls and clothing no longer required by our members

This programme has been refined over a number of years and is flexible enough to be modified to suit your needs. Many successful members of our club first joined us through this route.

If you are an experienced bowler you will be made very welcome. If you want to improve your technique one of our coaches will be pleased to help you or simply just come along and enjoy yourself.

We have low membership fees with no joining fee, or match fees.We also offer taster membership, whereby someone who has not been a member previously may join for a trial period of 2 months, but such period not to extend beyond 1st July, for £25. At the end of the taster period, the person may continue their membership for a further payment of £60.

If you would like to know more please contact one of the club officers or just come along on a Monday afternoon at 2.30pm to meet us.

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East Horsley Bowling Club

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